How To Listen

Interested in listening to my shows or checking out our great DJ’s over on Eve Radio, you can click the Eve Radio image on the sidebar to go directly to the Eve Radio website to tune in via the website. Below is a listing of my show details for when you can find me on air and other show information.

Eve Radio
IRC: (port: 6667)
IRC Channel: /join #eve-radio
In-Game Channel: Eve Radio (Located under “Media” in the channel listing)

Note: In addition to IRC as a chat outlet, Eve Radio also has it’s own Discord server that you can join by clicking here. The server also has a direct relay to the IRC channel!

Show Details: Playing Rock, Metal, and also often throwing in 80’s and classic and soft rock. Eve news and updates, and randomness. Occasional giveaways and contests that you must be tuned in to hear details for as well as PvP roams and events (including seldom ‘Pod the DJ’ contests).

Current “DJ Yumene” corpse holders:
S3X (Pod the DJ Contest)
Herr Oden (Pod the DJ Contest)