CSM XI Interview w/ Eve Guardian




 Can you explain what brought you to Eve Online, you have said that it was via eve-radio, but, as a non eve player, how did you run across eve radio, and what was it that attracted you?

 I started with Gaming Radio Network (the network that holds Eve Radio, Subspace Radio, and [at the time] Total Gaming Radio). I was under Total Gaming Radio, and we have a staff channel that is used by all stations under GRN. Well, I remember watching conversations among Eve Radio DJ’s and I asked them about the game. They told me some basic stuff about the game and linked me to the Eve Radio IRC channel. I joined the channel and there were several staff and listeners were chatting about things that they were doing and it all seemed interesting.

I forget the actual conversation since it’s been so long, but I downloaded it and my first experience wasn’t so great. I downloaded Eve, logged in, saw the tutorial but it was too confusing so I closed it thinking “I don’t need no stinking tutorial!” – undocked, warped to one of the newbie sites, got killed, and then logged.

I talked a bit more in the IRC channel and then kinda shrugged my attempt off.

I didn’t try again until a couple months later, but this time I actually paid attention. I was also gifted with a buddy trial to give me some more time to learn the ropes. There was still a lot that overwhelmed me, I joined in the ER in-game channel as well and I asked my newbie questions, which to my surprise I didn’t get trolled, and a number of people were trying to help and explain things. Granted I still felt like some kind of person with a dunce cap on, but some things started clicking, slowly … and off I was! I was a graduated newbie! wipes a tear away Well, I felt like it.

What attracted me? Well while Eve itself was a bit over my head
coming from WoW (World of Warcraft), I did absolutely love the graphics,
I also liked how unique the game was, it was different, and also the
help that I got as a little newbie instead of being pushed aside, the
people I talked to were all great; all those I felt attracted me the
most combined.

  You are an Eve-radio DJ, how did that come about, and can you explain what that involves for you?

 It’s no secret that my prior MMO that I was heavily active in is WoW (World of Warcraft), which also did, at the time, have a radio station of its own that I stumbled on. There was one female DJ among several male DJ’s (And, while I never like to bring up the whole ‘female’ thing – she did get a lot of rap for being the only female DJ). I talked with her about becoming a DJ too; but I was ‘very’ hesitant because I am very shy in life, for anyone who knows me in real life would know – I don’t remember how she talked me into it, but she eventually did and that is how I got involved with radio in general. It did actually break me a little bit out of my shyness and a little bit of my anxiety issues as well; which was good, so no regrets.

The station didn’t last too long and because I actually did start
enjoying it, I went to look for other stations, and I came across Total
Gaming Radio and I started as a DJ there back in 2010 in June and
eventually transitioned over to Eve Radio (Gaming Radio Network
stations) when I started actually playing Eve (after my failed first
attempt -see above-). After that, I think the rest is history after over
5 years now. 

What being an Eve Radio DJ involves? Well in addition to being a DJ I
also am one of the managers for the station (I think I’ve come a long
way, woot!), so I do handle a bit more than just being a DJ. I also
handle day to day operations, helping staff, planning events, as well as
manage recruitment for ER. Regardless, I still love it.

I think it’s safe to say that I have been dedicated to the Eve community from the start. 🙂

  Outside of Eve-radio, you are a null industrialist primarily. What attracted you to indy in eve, and what led you to null-sec instead of the high-sec life?


Me being an industrialist is actually kind of ironic – at least I like to say so. In every other MMO that I have played, I H-A-T-E-D crafting, or anything related to it. The grind for ‘mats’ – the grind for your professions, anything.

What I loved about the industrial part of Eve, is that if you look at the big picture of things – think of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ video CCP put together (it’s true) – what you make has purpose somehow – it really feels that way to me. Maybe I’m weird when I say that I have gotten good-feels building a batch of simple frigates that my alliance was going to buy to use for defense fleet. It wasn’t the same feeling that i would ever get from any other game.

That feeling was pretty much the same when I started out as well – the feeling of making something that can have that purpose. 

I came to null because of my corp. We were at first a high sec industrial corp and alliance. We started out in null as a renter corp; which we weren’t really sure if we would make it (a group of players who have been playing in high sec the majority of their play time venture into null! XD), but we did and we actually learned quite a bit – I know I for sure did! Now we are a Sov Holding alliance!

I think what attracts me to null-sec more is that in null you really never know what’s going to happen. It just feels more exciting, there is also the feeling of being part of a group effort to keep and hold your space, there is a lot of teamwork involved. Teamwork to keep your space, teamwork to keep up to date Intel, teamwork for defense fleets, teamwork to just help your fellow mates out, the list goes on.

  You also have an extensive blueprint collection, can you tell us why you started this project, how you go about collecting them, and how far along you are in the project. 

I love blueprints, and they love me! I am not ashamed of my collection! I’ve been told more than a number of times I have an addiction, but I can stop at any time! Any time I tell you! 

Ok, well currently I am sitting on almost 1.1k ‘unique’ BPO’s – which I am pretty proud of.

I started this ‘little’ project well over a year ago with the goal to
own every single BPO in-game. I’m not entirely sure why I started the

I remember joining my current corp and getting heavily involved with our industrial team and how seeing all the wonderful blue papers, I wanted them too, so I bought a couple, researched them a bit and then bought some more, and more …and more … and more … and more … and more … well you get the idea. Needless to say, I love my blue paper.

Currently, as of writing there are a little over 1.2k BPO that you
can obtain, so it’s safe to say that I am ‘very’ close. I continue
despite getting called crazy.


When I look at a BPO, I will 99.9% of the time look for BPO’s that
are already researched because of the amount that I have (Don’t think I
could research these all on my own now, you know?). I stalk the
Blueprints channel in-game where people will often put up researched
blueprints up at decent prices and I will snipe them up from there. In
addition to the channel, I do often stalk the forums for people putting
them up there as well. I very rarely buy blueprints from NPC vendors.

  What advice would you give to players who may be living in high-sec, but want to get started in null-sec industry, or life down there in general?

 I would say to find a good corp/alliance and just get out there and have fun! Two most important things. It’s hard to be a lone industrial pilot in null. Pay attention to any intel channels and watch local for people you don’t know (this even goes for NPC null imo) – explore, and of course, no AFK mining(you’ll be dead out there if you go mining AFK – may not have to worry about Code but you’ll have to still keep an eye out for the other bad guys out there!)

  What brought you to the decision to run for CSMXI? 

This is my second year running for CSM – I also ran for CSM X and my desire to want to give back is the same, if not more. Having a chance to give back to the community is something that want to do with how much the Eve community has given to me; I can’t say enough how it has helped me to where I am now. So this would be my way to give back and have that ability to give a voice for the players.

  What advice would you give players who are overwhelmed by the numbers of candidates running and want to sort through them to find their choices? 

It’s still early in the season and there are a lot of great candidates out there too, but there are also a lot of resources in addition to reading through all the posts – there is a number of places that are conducting interviews with candidates for you to get a feel and there will also be the CSM Vote Match which you can select choices that fit you and the site matches up candidates.