CSM Support & Testimonials

All the comments below were taken from my campaign thread for CSM Campaigns, along with links directly to the post on the Eve Online Forums, and I do want to give a personal thank you to everyone who is supporting me.  Thank you so much! <3

CSM 11 Support & Testimonials


~ Coffee Rocks

Erika has been active with Broadcast 4 Reps since… well, since before I can actually recall. A truly sweet and kind player, through our interaction in the different B4R channels she has also shown that she is passionate about the game and knowledgeable about a many different mechanics.

In regards to B4R, she is a moderator in all the channels we manage: the IG channels, Slack and Discord. She always shows respect and a selfless attitude to those that reach out to the channel. When less serious things are going on and it’s general BSing, she’s humorous and communicates very well: two traits I would believe to be imperative to dialogue with Devs 😉

Regarding knowledge of the game, Erika appears to have intimate knowledge of most mechanics I can think of. I’m also a huge supporter of her comment regarding the POS “little things” (**** me, how many times have I unanchored a damn silo cause i’m mashing buttons too fast…). AND OMG, I DIDN’T REALIZE HOW BADLY I WANTED INDY NOTIFICATIONS UNTIL NOW.

Although I focus most of my time talking PvP as a leader in Brave, I secretly am a big fluffy carebear that still enjoys mining, manufacturing, and import/export markets on all my accounts. Industry is the backbone of this game and I’d love to see it get some tailored love. With all the new changes being planned with EVE, it would be nice to have someone who will be looking at upcoming Dev plans whilst keeping the industry-minded folk’s gameplay and experience in mind.

So yes, I am endorsing Erika Mizune for CSM XI (one of only two I’ve officially backed so far). Good luck, Erika!


~ Rosewalker

I really wanted to like Erika last year, because I think the CSM could use a voice representing null sec industrialists. Unfortunately, I think she got into the CSM X campaign a little late and really didn’t get a chance to create and present a polished message. Hopefully with her early start for the CSM XI election, she’ll be able to have a better showing by the time most players start paying attention to the campaign sometime in January or February.



Having spent much time with Erika/Yumene in the Broadcast4Reps channel, I can say she has my vote!

CSM 10 Support & Testimonials



Hi all, I am E’Pock, Co-CEO and founder of TSSOC. Erika has always been there for everyone that has needed help, she goes above and beyond to help every member, veteran or new player. I think she would be a great CSM. I approve this message and will gladly vote for her because she has what it takes to be a GREAT CSM because she is a GREAT person.

I met her in person at EVE Vegas 2014 and she is a great person and a great friend.
Yes I use great a lot here but there is no other word that can compair to decribe her.


~ Magyxk Lionson

Totally agree with your industrial views. Mining is totally boring and the so called “High Sec” is alot more dangerous than mining in Null or even Low in my opinion.
Industry needs to get more exciting or atleast not as boring as it currently is to be a feasable gameplay option.

You have my vote and I am looking forward to see what you will do and change in the CSM X.


DJ Accy

WOOOT go for it. I wanna see you up on CSM 10.

In all fairness, you love this game and Daymn you can express an opion. You gotta fight, for the people’s right, TO PARRRRRRTAAAAAY!


Cayenne Amberwood

You DEFINITELY have my vote Erika!!

Not only do you know the game, you are a TEAM player which is what Eve Online is all about!!



Yumene is a person who’s always hanging around to help. Also she’s a good and decent human being.