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If you are looking to contact me to ask a question, comment, or for any other reason, please refer to the listing below on various ways you can contact me. Thanks!

Eve In-Game: Erika Mizune, or  DJ Yumene by Eve-Mail


Skype: yumenechan

IRC: (Channel #eve-radio as Yumene)

Eve Radio: I run a weekly show on Eve Radio on Sundays at 0900 GMT (Game Time) that you can catch me on.  If you are unable to tune in there is also a rewind feature you can use to listen on past shows.

In-game Channel: In-game I frequent the Eve Radio channel, so you can catch me chatting in there on Erika or my alt “Yumene Matsuri” or if I’m on air “DJ Yumene”

About Me

I go by a few names online, my common alias as Yumene Matsuri, Erika Mizune, or a very old alias “shygirl1999” (No, I wasn’t born in 1999 [most asked question when I used to use that alias]). I have been playing “online” video games for a number of years now … since back in 2000-2001? I don’t remember, but it’s been a while; however gaming in general, I have been into for as long as I can remember – starting from Atari, Nintendo, and Sega – old school retro gaming right there!

My first online MMO was sadly RuneScape … namely because it was apparently the “cool” game to play at the time … that didn’t last long though since I never really got into it or understand it. Next up however, Maplestory! What attracted me to this one was that it had a “anime” feel to it and it was “cute” (I know … typical girl response). I played this for a few years and then moved to World of Warcraft during a VERY extended downtime and I wanted to do something. My boyfriend at the time introduced me and eventually I found myself deeply into the lore and just having fun in general. Not too long after this I eventually stopped playing Maplestory after being introduced to this 3D visual game compared to the 2D MMO.

From there, my online gaming “addiction” grew and I started experimenting with other games as well in addition to World of Warcraft, leading up to my current games; Eve Online, Star Trek Online, and Guild Wars 2.

On this blog, you will see me mainly talking and writing about Eve Online, which is my primary game that I play, however I may also write about other media as well and about other games that I am playing; so don’t be upset if I start writing about other things sometimes.

Outside of gaming I am a freelance web developer and many years of experience. I am currently proficient in HTML(duh!), CSS, JavaScript PHP, MySQL and basic working knowledge of ASP. Web development and programming is something that I have found a love for earlier as well and created my first website back in 2000 I believe (I’m bad at remembering dates).

I have been involved with volunteer radio stations since 2010; currently residing within the Gaming Radio Network (Eve Radio / Subspace Radio) using my alias “Yumene” – this is another passion that I have learned to have and something I have taken a bit of pride in as well and I get to meet a lot of amazing people within the communities.

Hope that you enjoy your stay here and thank you for visiting!

~ Erika Mizune / Yumene


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