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 The CSM 11 council members were announced at fanfest and unfortunally I didn’t make the cut. The people that did make it, are a hit and miss for me. There’s a handful of people that I am happy that made it in, and another handful where … questionable. Only time will tell on how this years’ council lives up. I think I can leave it at that without going further just because of my feeling to some of the new members.


Today CCP released the full election results – which I have been patiently waiting for and I do have to say that I am pretty pleased with the results when I took a look at how I did personally. CCP released two sets of results; the normal ones, with the current members, and one where if Apothne had not dropped from the race.

 Current w/o Apothne   Results w/ Apothne
“The Judge”
Kyle Aparthos
“Mr Hyde113”
“Gorski Car”
Nashh Kadavr
“Steve Ronuken”
“Sullen Decimus”
 “Mr Hyde113”
“Steve Ronuken”
“The Judge”
“Sullen Decimus”
“Gorski Car”
Erika Mizune

 So, if Apothne had not dropped, I would have gotten elected, but when he did drop, his votes trickled down to voters 2nd choice, where Kyle and Nash had favorability and got more votes resulting in the change.  Reguardless, it’s still a pretty good feeling to know, and no hard feeling to Apothne 😛 (if you’re reading this, get better!). Even in the current one, I didn’t do too bad and I lasted in the run until the final cut:

  Pre-elimination tally:
  1152 “Bobmon”
  1034 “Sullen Decimus”
  1001 “Nashh Kadavr”
  993 “Kyle Aparthos”
  964 “Fafer”
  956 “Erika Mizune”
  Elimination: “Erika Mizune” with 956.247428 votes

 I was off by eight votes from Fafer! Soooo, close! For sake of numbers and stuff, the breakdown of elimanations from last to first:

Elimination: “Erika Mizune” with 956.247428 votes
Elimination: “Alner Greyl” with 818.991321 votes

Elimination: “Joffy Aulx-Gao” with 794.575817 votes

Elimination: “Capri Sun KraftFoods” with 737.155510 votes

Elimination: “RF Gnaeus Crassus” with 623.427103 vote
Elimination: “Tora Bushido” with 498.465200 votes

Elimination: “Lorelei Ierendi” with 448.106102 votes

Elimination: “Vaari” with 405.190353 votes

Elimination: “Falck Longbottom” with 390.173937 votes
Elimination: “Annexe” with 360.315475 votes
Elimination: “Utari Onzo” with 320.951889 votes
Elimination: “Toxic Yaken” with 302.572298 votes
Elimination: “Diana Olympos” with 294.738099 votes
Elimination: “Nikolai Agnon” with 288.088270 votes
Elimination: “DoToo Foo” with 251.389850 votes
Elimination: “Niko Lorenzio” with 236.095333 votes
Elimination: “Vic Jefferson” with 232.283952 votes
Elimination: “Mining Forman” with 207.146740 votes
Elimination: “commander aze” with 192.549069 votes
Elimination: “Wyld” with 170.580551 votes
Elimination: “Xavier Azabu” with 152.358954 votes
Elimination: “Petrified” with 151.277139 votes
Elimination: “Kane Carnifex” with 142.297152 votes
Elimination: “Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci” with 136.698306 votes
Elimination: “Ed Bever” with 125.706125 votes
Elimination: “Jugular Vein” with 118.794684 votes
Elimination: “Chiimera” with 111.712872 votes
Elimination: “Brodit” with 109.791403 votes
Elimination: “Viceran Phaedra” with 104.162447 votes
Elimination: “John Ellsworth” with 82.557658 votes
Elimination: “Sogor” with 76.991525 votes
Elimination: “InTheSunset” with 71.269826 votes
Elimination: “Harry Saq” with 68.785891 votes
Elimination: “Rivver” with 54.931887 votes
Elimination: “Borat Guereen” with 53.778733 votes
Elimination: “Terandria Starsong” with 47.401288 votes
Elimination: “Iirithine” with 17.438842 votes
Elimination: “Christy Cloud” with 17.293532 votes

All in all, I am happy with how well I did and I am already planning on my forum post to run for CSM 12. I am also please to see Joffy do well too; a great person who I’d still love to see on CSM as well. I don’t give up easily and I am determined to make it so that I can give back to the community and give Indy much needed love on the council. <3

I will say it now: CSM 12: Erika and Joffy! Make it happen!

I also just want to say thank you! I know I can’t say that enoulgh to everyone who has supported me, voted for me and I wouldn’t have gotten where I did without you all. <3 Love you all!

~ Erika 

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