Upcoming Project: Writings Of An Undercover Newbie

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The project title is a work in progress, but I wanted to use this to talk about a project that I am going to be starting up soon. I have talked a bit about this in Slack and I have gotten a lot of positive remarks about it.

You see, we know that the new player experience is always something critical someone who is truly new to Eve. Over time, however, we never really get back into that new player mindset, especially as more time goes on and changes are introduced, so it’s hard to really comment on what needs to actually be worked on. There is also much more to this new player experience than just the tutorials since Eve is a lot more than just tutorials, that is just one aspect, it’s also the players they come into contact with too and how they interact with them. Everything connects to ultimately create the ‘experience’ – how often is it that we actually try to get back into this new player ‘mindset’ – I know, for me, not that often, even when I created my alts to play throulgh the tutorials, that’s all that I really did, is just that.

So, the idea of this project is a couple things; but the basics is a project where I will be creating a new account and playing it as if I was a new player all over again. I will be trying my hardest to basically clear my mind to gain a fresh perspective. There is obviously some stipulations:

  1. The account will have no interactions with any of my main accounts! (This is important so that there is no trace that I am playing a alt, especially for if/when the character does join a corp that requires an API key)
    1. The accounts will receive no isk, items, or anything from my main account, everything I have will be earned from that account only.  The ONLY exception to this is depending on how the experience goes for the account, I may ‘gift’ plex time (but no more than 1 plex gift).
  2. The account lifetime will be 1-2 months (as per the previous sub-point), this is to make sure that I don’t get overwhelmed. Limiting the account lifetime allows me to move on and create a new account and create a new experience.
    1. There is always going to be different types of experiences, and I want to be able to have those various types of new player experiences.
  3. The account will be a new account, even when interacting with other players, I am a newbie, the undercover character has no previous play history.
    1. This is basically saying that, the undercover character will be known to no one other than myself.  If I am asked, I will state that I am a new player. I will not give details on my mains, as far as this project is concerned; I have no other accounts or characters.
  4. At the end of the account lifetime, any items and ISK obtained will be donated to genuine new players or simply donated to Sindel’s Angel Project.
    1. The only exception is any plex that is donated to gift the account with. Any plex donated to the project will be used for the project.

I believe that covers the basics that I can think of for now, the idea is that, an idea, that I am going to be starting to work on soon. I am glad at the positive response I have gotten so far and I hope to have it continue.

I hope that this project will help new players, and possibly to give the older players a better view of the ‘full’ new player experiences; from every play-style.

Thank you!

~ Erika


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