The current state of Planet Interaction

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Planetary Interaction … how do I love you … let me count the ways …

Ok, maybe not really, unless you love mouse clicks; that’s always been the one thing that has turned me off, but it’s such a needed nessasity in order to get items that you need for manufacturing.  PI is a passive income, but even so, it shouldn’t be as tedious and mind numbing as it is in it’s current state. Moon mining is also passive, but it doesn’t have a cluster-fuck of a layout as PI, it’s simple and to the point.

Where is this post stemming from? Well, I have been sitting here knowing that I need to tear down my current planets to move, but I keep putting it off just because I don’t want to sit here for hours on end just running through the click-fest that it is.

Lets start with the basics … you find an awesome planet you want to and then you place your command center and get to work.

Yay! Lets just start with a T1 planet, so lets just say we want some basic stuff, so we scan, find out spots and start placing factories, extractors, routes, schematics, ect  – it should be simple, but it takes what, at minimum around 1,000 clicks just get all the basics set up.


Like my awesome meme? I made it all by myself! Anyways … what I think would be better … options! (I do love options!)

More options for PI is something that I feel would make it so much better! In my campaign post I had made proposals in reguards what could be done to help.

Firstly, create ‘plans’ where you can save a factory plan where the plan would lay down all the groundwork to get you started.  You would still have to set the links; think of the ship fitting window, you find a plan that you want and then select ‘build’ – after selecting build then your basic factories are set up. If you don’t have the command center upgraded and it needs more resources than you have, then an error would display on what you need before you can use that plan. (Again, much like when you are using the ‘fit’ button on a ship fitting window).

This alone would save some clicks that are needed in placing down your factories.

This can be a great start, and actually, it can go so much further than this to make PI less of a click-fest. One post that struck my attention is another player also talking about it, but went further than I did in my ‘little things’ section.

You can see that here (click link), but in that she lists a lot of things that I have also been wanting plus more.  Below I copied the thread that I linked since it does go with this topic, and a lot of great ideas.

—–Start Copy———

current situation: it takes a minimum 5 clicks to define a resource route; 120 clicks for each storage unit/launch pad to define the t1 resource routes for a factory planet with 12 t1->t2 factories (basically, your average t1->t4 factory planet); that makes 480 clicks per planet (720 if you’ve got cc lvl 5 and go for a whole week of supplies), 2400 – 4320 per character, 7200 – 12960 per account; just for the t1 resource routes. so, either you a) diversify, only running some of your planets according to market situation, b) do this again every time the market changes, or c) give up on planetary interaction.

goals: simplify the setup and maintenance of factory planets, and possibly the “core” aspects of resource gathering planets; general quality of life improvements related to planetary interaction
proposed changes:

creating routes:

  • separate panel on storage units/launch pads when creating a route, instead of reusing the “inventory” panell; that allows us to not to have to scroll down the inventory if there’s more than 5 different resources we want to route. also, please keep the currently selected resource selected when creating a route that way
  • highlight which processors already receive the currently selected resource from this or any sources (different colors)
  • additional button: route this resource to all viable targets
  • additional button: route all resources to all viable targets
  • additional key-press modifier: route current resource also to click target
  • when creating a route that has the same source, destination and resource: increase the original route amount instead of adding a new route; also: cap at max resource usage (if i need 40 units per cycle, it makes no sense to accidentally supply 80 units from the same source due to setup misclicks/brainfarts)


planetary templates:
a template would be linked to a planet type, so barren templates could not be used on temperate planets. it would consist of: command center level; all installations (using their names, assuming they are unique per player and planet) and links, with relative positions to the command center. link levels for each link.

      • new command center button: “save as template”
      • new command center button: “build from template”

— shows list of templates for this planet type only

      — this button would raze all current installations which not match the id and position stored in the template, and try to build all installations saved in the template
  • new colony property: “current template”
  • additionally installations do not break a template
  • warning when an action is performed which would break the template (delete a link/installation; upgrading a link would not break the template)


planetary schematics:
a schematic would depend on a template, it contains all the routing and production information for all the installations in the template

      • new command center button: “save schematic”
      • new command center button: “load schematic”

— this button would delete all outgoing routes of all installations in the template

      — this button would also clear all productions from the processors in the template
      — this button would then set all productions according to the stored planetary schematic, and add all routes according to the planetary schematic.


      — on insufficient routing capacity, a warning sound is played and a warning dialog pops up



new “split stacks” dialog for splitting multiple stacks (all selected):

      • options “total volume”, “specific amount per stack”, “percentage per stack”, “from template” (on the last one, something like the “buy multiple” dialog would be awesome for creating templates)

— goal here: i keep x runs per planet in a container; i want to resupply a planet, i need to split each stack seperately to the required amount and put it into a can; say 12 resources for 5 planets, we have 60 splits on which i have to input the amount, which is annoying even with copy&paste


customs office:

  • increase cargo capacity to 67500 m^3 (epithal level 5 cargo capacity)
  • new button “import max”: import the maximum amount of resources possible, using the sorting in the left box for determining which items will be selected
  • additional “expedite” option, so it wouldn’t be necessary to go to planet mode for that; also, that combo-box for the launchpad could be improved upon while you’re at it. maybe something like:

—End Copy—-

And that I feel ends my PI spheel, but something else to mention is that while all these are items to reduce the amount of clicking, there is a couple other things that I’d like to see with pi.

Fixing the ‘3-d’ circle so that you can see edges better, or a option to ‘snap to grid’ where if it’s off a little bit, then snap the circle to the edge where it it’s overlapping with another structure.

And with that, I think I will wrap it up there.


Thanks for reading!

~ Erika

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