Merged: SkillPoint Injectors are crack!

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Not too long ago skillpoint extractors and injectors were introduced into Eve. Where you basically can extract and sell skillpoints on the market using the new items obtained on the AUR store. I have been on the fence on these items since we weren’t really sure how these items would effect the game. The idea that you could skill up a fresh toon from day one with skills that would normally take days to train didn’t exactly bond well with a number a people; and while I tried to remain neutral, I did want to give them a try myself.

So I brought up a old alt of mine that I have no use for, with roughly 20mil skillpoints, well … ‘had’ (heh), and I brought a handful of extractors and started jamming them on her.

When they were all turned into injectors, I logged into a toon that I had created today, and started injecting the items onto her and training all the skills she needs. I then sold the access injectors that I had and came out even on the isk that I spent, but I also got a fresh toon ready to go for what I need her for!

The injections however, seemed a bit like crack, I don’t know why, but injecting the points and then seeing my entire skill queue list just dissapear was kind of addicting, it’s a weird feeling as well when I see this new character; just under a day old, flying in a new interceptor among other skills. It would have taken at least a couple months to be able to get her to fly her Ares properly but there she was …

So … my thoughts? Don’t hate me …

I have been on the fence, however after using them myself, I did like that I could take a toon that I didn’t care for; with random skills over the place, extract them, and then inject them either on a new toon, or same toon, and place those skills where you want to.

I can see this coming in handy for new players and giving options on what they could do.  If you make a mistake you can rip them out and then ‘re-spec’ (in a sense).

What I would like to see is a ‘cap’ – like how the implant is that allows you to use for your first days in Eve.  Perhaps that cap could be 25 to 50mil that you are able to get to? I’m just throwing the number out there, but i think that it’s kind of discouraging that if you are space rich, you can essentially inject and max out every single skill in the game; which I don’t feel is too right. If I remember correctly, it would take almost 2 trillion isk to be able to do this from a fresh day old toon, to having all the skills (this was proven by IronBank from iwantisk, who did this same exact thing).

TDLR; I like that it gives newer players options, but I’d like to see a cap out on the amount that you can use them for.

~ Erika

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