Merged: Blog gets a new home … kinda …

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Greetings and welcome to the new temporary home to my blog! A big big big thank you to Backbone (Mike), for allowing me this spot so that, while my own host is unresponsive, I can continue to still write to my hearts content about the game we love … Eve!

I’m not too sure on how long my host is going to be down; but I can tell you that I have been trying very hard to get everything back up. It’s been over a month since I last heard from my host now, and needless to say that it is pretty frustrating on the lack of service – not being able to even access anything on my own domain; among other things, but that aside, I still have a place to call home!

<3 Can’t say thank you enough. I have been wanting to write so much for a while but now that I am back up, I am not sure where to start, hm, decisions, decisions….

That will come soon, I just wanted to place a post to say thank you and that I am back up and running!

~ Erika

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