Clearing the waters …

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So it seems that this is a topic that I have seen floating around here again this year. Eve media, past CSM member’s history – more or less comparing me to Funkybacon and issues that rose up during his term on the CSM. I know I can’t personally speak for anything that happened, but yes, we are both affiliated with Eve Radio; but actions of one does not determine actions, abilities, and knowledge of another just because of our affiliation and what happened in the past; the only thing we have in common is being Eve Radio DJ’s and staff members. We also have different play styles for another; he represented low-sec and FW, I am representing Industrial and Nul-Sec.

I can’t help but to be asked it seems on how people will know that what happened during CSM9, won’t happen with me, and simply: I am me, I am not the person that I am being compared to (Funkybacon).

I think that puts it simply?

Elections start in a couple of days I wanted to be able to clear the waters – so to speak on that issue. 🙂


~ Erika <3

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