Aww, Yissssss!

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It’s been a while, yea, I know. Just when i think I’m getting on a roll with regular posts, I go ahead and keep putting it off – oops? In any case, I have been up to quite a bit with not only Eve but also among other stuff. Tho I think the most exciting thing for me is that my fan site, Sounds of New Eden, was approved to be an official fan site! I’m pretty excited about this and the site is something that has been a project for me since 2011, starting from a simple song list, to a searchable directory of links to Eve related songs made by members of the community.

I have always loved searching everywhere I can to find new music that I maybe haven’t heard before.  We really do have a great and talented people, and the aim was to spotlight the artists out there and share what they have made – good and bad, they are all unique and creative!


You can click on the screenshot to also go to the site and check it out, and there really are a lot of great songs on there! Still pretty excited about that, I have to say! Hope if you check it out, that you enjoy as much as I loved putting it together. If you have any music or know of any that is not listed there, please shoot me a message as well, either reply to this post or shoot me a message in-game and let me know! Much appreciated! 🙂

I have also been trying to get my ‘creative’ side out, but with drawing.  I’m not very good at drawing, but I took it to go ahead and draw my in-game character, and surprisingly for my skill level, it didn’t turn out that bad. It is also done in really the only style I know how to draw ‘decently’ – Anime. I also did the pose that I want so much in-game for female characters (it’s only open to male characters) – arms crossed! Yea! Why can’t we do this pose? We not tough enough to pull off the ‘bad girl’ look?


I know it should be possible, I mean, when you create … say a Caldari character and you are on the screen to select your bloodline, one of the poses the female does is having her arms crossed – GIEF THAT POSE CCP! PLOX! That is all …

Alright, I guess to move on… what else? Welp, this year, and even though it’s still early, I have placed my candidacy post on the Eve Online forums for the next CSM election; CSM IX – yea early, but I wanted to get out there.  It doesn’t hurt to be early and I’m up and ready for the election season already!

I also can’t forget my lovely BPO collection that I have still been hard at work on as well. I did put a menu option under “Extras” that has a link to it, and fitting nicely in the site.  I also did splurge a little bit with the collection as well and brought my count up to 1011 – Awwww, Yissssss! Getting closer to that final goal! Alas it wont be easy since 90% of the blueprints I need are so expensive, and even more-so since I buy them already researched … yea not going to be an easy feat, but I’m going for it still! I won’t stop until I get them all! Like Pokemon … Gotta’ Catch ‘Em All!

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Oh and I finally got my first Carrier blueprint – which happens to be my favorite ship class too – not to mention my favorite Carrier even – Chimera! I bought this new baby from Tora who was awesome to sell it to me so I could have it in my collection.  I am a happy collector!

I think that’s all for now, I shall write again soon!

~ Erika/Yumene

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