CSM Results: What if’s?


So this was a curiosity sparked after seeing chats from both tweetfleet slack and in reddit with quesitons on what if members had dropped during the race and how much the results would have changed. Steve did run throulgh a couple, however I decided to try my hand and editing up the raw ballots that CCP released as if council members had dropped during the race on everyone and see how it changed.  Which, didn’t …

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CSM Raw Results Published!


 The CSM 11 council members were announced at fanfest and unfortunally I didn’t make the cut. The people that did make it, are a hit and miss for me. There’s a handful of people that I am happy that made it in, and another handful where … questionable. Only time will tell on how this years’ council lives up. I think I can leave it at that without going further just because of my feeling to …

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The current state of Planet Interaction


Planetary Interaction … how do I love you … let me count the ways … Ok, maybe not really, unless you love mouse clicks; that’s always been the one thing that has turned me off, but it’s such a needed nessasity in order to get items that you need for manufacturing.  PI is a passive income, but even so, it shouldn’t be as tedious and mind numbing as it is in it’s current state. Moon …

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Clearing the waters …


So it seems that this is a topic that I have seen floating around here again this year. Eve media, past CSM member’s history – more or less comparing me to Funkybacon and issues that rose up during his term on the CSM. I know I can’t personally speak for anything that happened, but yes, we are both affiliated with Eve Radio; but actions of one does not determine actions, abilities, and knowledge of another …

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Upcoming Project: Writings Of An Undercover Newbie


The project title is a work in progress, but I wanted to use this to talk about a project that I am going to be starting up soon. I have talked a bit about this in Slack and I have gotten a lot of positive remarks about it. You see, we know that the new player experience is always something critical someone who is truly new to Eve. Over time, however, we never really get …

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